Technical Support for the Healthcare Industry

Gone are the days where healthcare facilities could consist of staff members dawning white coats, nursing caps, and clipboards. Now, in addition to their stethoscopes and scrubs, they need certain technological advancements in order to stay in tuned with their patients growing medical needs. This is not to say the common cold needs a computer to cure it, but it does need software to track the symptoms.

Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR):
Electronic healthcare records have become the cornerstone for the healthcare industry, and for good reason. Not only are these their patient’s official medical records, but they are easily transferred from one medical facility to the next. This is where healthcare IT with Versatile Networks comes into play, though. If a doctor is unable to access a patient’s EHR this not only causes the doctor frustration, but it causes stress to the patient waiting next to them as well.… Continue reading

IP Phone Solution

IP phones are becoming more popular as many people, both individuals and small businesses, find it very convenient to not have to deal with the hassle of a phone line. Since the world is already connected via the internet, it makes perfect sense for a small business that is already paying for internet access to contract an IP phone service. Some companies decide to add SIP trunking to their plan with an IP phone provider. Two of the most popular companies for these IP phone services, whether with or without SIP trunking, are Avaya and IntelePeer.

Avaya IP Office

Avaya IP Office has specifically designed their services to work with small or midsized businesses. Their services can help different members of your office, no matter where they are located, communicate, both using basic voice-to-voice communications and more advanced video-conferencing as well as provide other great services that can greatly… Continue reading

Getting Support For Your Accounting System

Accounting Software5 Reasons Why IT Support is Essential For Your Business.

Every medium to large business that has experienced computer downtime or data loss will know the pain and the worry that comes with it.

Get accounting support, check out

There are at least five good reasons why IT support is essential for any business, but before we get to that it is worthwhile looking at some of the temptations to avoid using mainstream IT support.

Many medium-sized businesses have grown from one-man operations where one or two people were responsible for just about every administrative and computer task that was required. Computer systems grow slowly and it is tempting to oversee the development of those systems in-house. It can become a major financial commitment to either outsource or internally staff and information technology group.

If this sounds familiar to you, you will probably also have experienced at least one… Continue reading

Data Backup At A Reasonable Price–Free

Online data backup from is a great way to ensure that information is stored in a safe and easily accessible location. It also has the benefits of creating less wear and tear on a hard drive disk, and freeing up significant space for other personal uses. In addition, users have the ability to share selected documents with others by providing a link to specific documents.

Free online cloud backup can be an excellent tool for collaboration in education and in the workforce. It grants all access to important files which can then be viewed and edited by multiple people simultaneously. The most advantageous feature of online data backup, however, is the comfort of knowing that important files are being reliably preserved. When data is only kept locally on a computer, there is always risk of the computer being stolen or a hard drive crash occurring, which would wipe out… Continue reading

Looking For IT Support

Small and medium businesses would benefit from managed services for their IT departments. Instead of hiring one specialist to handle all the IT problems that crop up on a daily basis, VNET IT will maintain all critical IT problems. With a support team designing a plan to manage the business technology, your employees will be more productive, with less down time.

Computers and servers can all be updated and backed up remotely. With a 24/7 monitoring system, all your vital data is safe and secure from viruses and unwanted entry into your business information. Managed services can protect your network and fix any problems before they create major problems.

IT services providers will make sure that you have the proper computer networking support whether you are on a local or wide network server. The Internet is the largest networking system and is a big part of any business. Businesses rely… Continue reading

Web Hosting Solutions Available

Whether you want to launch a website for your own personal needs and uses or if you are interested in having a website to represent your business or brand, choosing the right type of web hosting solutions can help you to save money and it can also ensure you are getting the speed and performance you have in mind when loading and browsing your website. There are many different types of web hosting solutions available currently to fit various budgets, space needs and various types of websites that require hosting and storage.

Types of Web Hosting

There are many types of hosting including private servers and hosting, shared web hosting, Pay Per Cloud hosting, Linux and even Windows-based hosting that works best with specific needs depending on the type of website you plan to launch online.

Benefits of Shared Hosting

Shared hosting or even cloud hosting is often less than… Continue reading

The New Contact Center

A contact center is a business that needs to be able to manage its clients through voice, as well as Internet-based applications such as chat, instant messages, websites and other digital features. In order to keep up with today’s changing technologies, the contact centers must stay current and competitive in their industry. They can do this by incorporating some of the new features of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and Integrated Protocol (IP) from into their organization.

The IP Contact Center

A contact center using IP communications capabilities is better able to combine voice and data and can send it through an Internet connection to a waiting agent, thus getting rid of the need for a huge call center to direct their communications with their clients. This method is far more effective than what has been achieved in the past when directing communication between agents and clients.

The… Continue reading

Toll Free Calls

Many companies still look for toll free solutions for their customers. Many customers are using smart phones and apps that allow free calls regardless of the number. There are still millions more, however, that do not have access to newer technology. These people depend on companies – big and small – to have toll free numbers for calls. Fortunately, there are some great companies that offer concepts like Voice Over IP calling. These are often the most cost effective solutions for companies that want to save money with this.

IntelePeer actually leads the pack of flexible toll free plans. The plans work great for large and small companies. There are flexible plans that allow companies to choose from a wide variety of numbers with nationwide coverage plans. These solutions also allow call routing and lots of flexibility with VOIP toll free plans.

The world of IP toll free service is… Continue reading

IT News

Expert SharePoint Consulting is the ideal choice to help your business with all aspects a SharePoint project. Just as My CRM Experts can help you solve your customer management needs. Finding the right fit for your organization’s IT needs will allow you to focus on your core business. The proper IT MSP Firm will offer different packages that meet and in most cases exceed your needs and expectations. With the advancements in hosting and the need for VaultScape and their online cloud backups solution for your company’s information you will be required to stay on top of the IT industry news. You may want to have the latest and greatest, but that does not mean you have to overpay for it. You may even be able to offset some of the cost if you want to become a hosted exchange reseller or sign up for a reseller program.… Continue reading

Advances in ISDN


Since the advent of the Internet many years ago, those in the technology field have had a very specific aim. That aim is to consistently make the Internet run faster. There have been many adaptations and advances in technology since those initial days when the Internet was run through simple telephone based modems. These days, one of the fastest types of Internet is an Integrated Services Digital Network, or ISDN, using Primary Rate Interface, or PRI (, to allocate your bandwidth where you need it most. Primary Rate Interface accounts for the fact that network traffic can vary from hour to hour, and therefore handles your bandwidth channels automatically instead of you having to manually designate them, saving you a great deal of time and effort. Primary Rate Interface also allows for clear and high quality incoming and outgoing voice and data transmission. You can surf… Continue reading

MobileGT architecture steps on the gas

Accelerating the evolution of the MobileGT architecture for automotive driver-information systems, IBM has announced development support in the form of VisualAge Micro Edition. The Java-centric environment supports the development of software components that can be combined into applications for auto systems, Treos,, and other convergence devices. Auto-electronic developers will use the Java-based system to develop in-car systems that can also communicate via wireless links to the Internet. The software will ship this month starting at $1000.

The announcement furthers the efforts of Motorola, IBM, QNX Software Systems, and Embedded Planet to establish MobileGT as a standard automobile-computing platform, just as the PC serves in offices. Target applications include dynamic navigation, speech-based driver interfaces, virtual dashboards, and others. The MobileGT group, however won’t win the car computer battle without a fight. Microsoft, aligned with partner Clarion and others, is touting its Windows-CE-based Auto PC for the same role.… Continue reading

Way to go

GPS navigation and high-quality come together in the Blaupunkt TravelPilot RNS 149. Press the On button on the front plate and get all the help you need to go from here to there. A fairly natural-sounding female voice and a map displaying your moves provide turn-by-turn directions to an airport, hotel, street, or location of your next business meeting. Press the info key and get the last direction repeated for you.

TravelPilot uses GPS, CD-ROM maps, an electronic gyroscope, and your car’s sensors to track your every move. The info gets analyzed by a map-matching program and displayed even when satellite signals are partially blocked. If you get diverted because of an accident or traffic jam-or your desire to ramble—TravelPilot quickly calculates alternate routes and usually knows its location to within one car length.

The RNS 149 employs Blaupunkt’s DigiCeiver digital radio and preamplifier technology, which performs all processing… Continue reading

Luring TV watchers to interact with the tube

Interact With the TubeWill the TV become the next great Internet-access device? Will SIP trunking be the best VoIP service? Despite some modest successes by high-profile players (Microsoft’s WebTV and AOL TV), it’s still something of a $64 million (billion?) question. But that isn’t stopping plenty of technology providers from joining the game.

Coollogic, for example, recently released a set-top box called the Internet Ready 7200. Based on Coollinux AE, the company’s Linux-based OS for Internet appliances, the device employs National Semiconductor’s MediaGX processor and can connect to the Internet using a dial-up modem or—via Ethernet—cable or DSL. The box comes with Netscape’s Web browser and supports Java applications and all major plug-ins.

Coologic aims to sell Coollinux AE to OEMs in the Internet device market, but also sees a lucrative market for the device itself among ISPs who want to expand their customer base to non-PC homes.

Ravisent Technologies, meanwhile, has… Continue reading

System tailors streaming media to suit device characteristics

Streaming MediaBefore the PDA-vs-cell-phone debate is over (see “Shapes of things to come”), consumers will be able to choose which device they want to use to watch the evening news and which wooden wine racks they will use to hold their wine. Celvibe’s CelFeed MPEG-4 Wireless Audio/Video Streaming Transcoder delivers customized video streams to individual users, according to each user’s available bit rate. If 100 people are simultaneously watching the same program on their handhelds, each user will receive the best audio/video quality possible over his or her connection. The CelFeed Transcoder incorporates Equator’s MAP-CA VLIW (very long instruction word) media processor (see “Few but the brave”).